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Creativity is Our Mission

For a brighter future, for our children.

As the only creative indoor play space in Singapore, we provide development of creative intelligence in children from ages 1 to 12, with both creative free play and structured programs. This is where kids and the young at heart go wild through imaginative play.


During creative play, the elements of designing, brainstorming, experimenting and risk taking are imbued in their creations. We facilitate this process by creating a fun and an engaging time between you and your children to learn through play.

About the Founder

Jin, the founder of Kaboodle, is a mother of three who believes that every child has a creative potential that is best developed through imaginative play. An interior designer by trade, she decided to create her own play space where both parents and children can seek respite in our fast-paced environment. The essence of childhood is never lost, especially when its done right by parents like ourselves.





Designed to tickle your child's inherit need to build with our odd shaped blocks to hone creative problem solving skills.
Free play at its best.
Just imagine and build it.


Dive into expanding your child's creative juices by interacting with various kits, colouring crafts and materials.
Express their imagination in a fun and guided environment.
Who said Art was dead?


Sensory play is where your child discovers the five senses. 
From tingling taste buds and arousing ofactory senses to getting up close to various materials.
Let us gently knock some senses into kids.


Adds a fun factor into our unique and amazing events here at Kaboodle!
Nerf guns, building competition and holiday events for all ages.
A friendly competition can always be fun and healthy

The Kaboodle Family

Meet the faces of Kaboodle who have a strong passion for helping create a fun and interactive learning environment for your children.


Founder, Director

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